Who Are We

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Our History

Most loved coffee house since 1985

Our journey started in 2003 when Bryan and Arnold, a coffee lover, explored various bean from across the world and brought them together in our menu. Ever since we are now a team of 10 expert barista from 2 top cities in USA serving you the best coffee and desserts in town.

They started a coffee and desert that offered takeaways only. Seeing the love the city had for coffee, they expanded their team with 2 more barista from different parts of the country so we could serve more variety on the table.

We all enjoy a cup of fresh-brewed coffee, but do we know where it comes from?
We get coffee beans from a good coffee plantation

Ever since, we’ve been known as the best coffee house in town serving over 500 customers everyday. Humbled by the love we’ve received, we strive to continue giving you the best.

To prove how great our beans are, we’ve set up a home delonghi coffee machines in our store so you can taste the difference.