Order from our fresh tasty cuisine and CoffeeNet will make it fresh and have it waiting for you to pick up.   No refunds will be given for items which are not picked up.  To Go service is available from 6:30 AM to 8:30 PM, Monday thru Friday.  It is also available on Saturdays from 9:00 AM to CoffeeNet is not open on Sundays.


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Item to Order Milk Type Decaf / Caf QTY
Cafe Latte -12 oz

Cafe Latte - 16 oz
Cafe Latte - 20 oz        
Cappuccino -12 oz

Cappuccino - 16 oz        
Cappuccino - 20 oz        
Cafe Mocha -12 oz

Cafe Mocha - 16 oz        
Cafe Mocha - 20 oz        
Cafe White Mocha -12 oz

Cafe White Mocha - 16 oz        
Cafe White Mocha - 20 oz        
Cafe Chai -12 oz

Cafe Chai - 16 oz        
Cafe Chai - 20 oz        
Cafe Tea - 16 oz      
Tea will not be brewed to insure proper steeping.
Coffee of the Day-12 oz


Coffee of the Day -16 oz      
Coffee of the Day -20 oz      
Cafe Latte -12 oz

Cafe Latte - 16 oz    
Cafe Latte - 20 oz    
Cappuccino -12 oz


Cappuccino - 16 oz    
Cappuccino - 20 oz    
Caramel Apple Macchiato-12 oz  


Caramel Apple Macchiato-16 oz        
Caramel Apple Macchiato-20 oz        
Italian Soda -12 oz    
Italian Soda - 16 oz      
Italian Soda - 24 oz      
Frappuccino -16 oz    
Frappuccino - 24 oz      
Smoothie -16 oz          
Smoothie - 24 oz            

Order Breakfast  


Toasted Bagel  - -  


Cream Cheese  - 



Bagel Sandwich - with  




Super Bagel Sandwich - with 






Big Muffin -    -   


Scones Baked fresh -    - 


Big Cookie -    -  

Baked fresh           






One Dozen Bagels with Cream Cheese -

One Dozen Muffins & Danish -

One Dozen Scones & CoffeeNet Jelly -

One Dozen Big Cookies -

Coffee to Go -

Tea for 12 - Assortment & Hot water box -





Order Lunch


Soup of the day  - a bowl          



Mon, Wed, Fri - Lobster Bisque 

Tues, Wed, Thur -Potato Bacon

Thur, Fri, Sat -Clam Chowder




Large Caesar Salad -

Asian Vegetable Salad -

Chicken Salad  over Romaine Lettuce-

6 in Sub & Chips

Back to Ordering                    Abbreviations  

12 in Sub & Chips VanB = Vanilla Bean almd =almond veg =mixed vegetables
      carm =caramel macNt =macadamia nut Rais =Raisin
6 in Meatball Sub & Chips Van =Vanilla kahl =Kahlua  
      FrVan= French Vanilla Dkahl =Sugar Free Kahlua  
Large Quesadilla DVan =Sugar Free Vanilla WildB =Wild Berry
Wraps   Haz =Hazelnut StrBa =Strawberry Banana  
      DHaz=Sugar Free Hazelnut No Whip =No Whip Cream  
Slice of Pound Cake Irish =Irish Cream Whip on Top =Whip Cream on Top only  
Slice of Gourmet Cake gbread =gingerbread Whip Infused =Whip Cream blended in Smoothie  
      pump =pumpkin spice gr chx =grill chicken  
Whole Cake rasp =raspberry Prov =Provolone cheese  
Dessert Tray for 12:  Will contain slices of Red Velvet, Carrot Cake and our Pound Cakes                                                       pmint =peppermint mozz =mozzarella cheese  
      cinn =cinnamon chili =chili garlic sauce