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  CoffeeNet provides a wide variety of roasts and flavors of coffee and espresso to avid coffee enthusiast.  However, these blends have become our standard bearer.

Costa Rican Tarrazu:  This is a bright energetic cup of coffee.  It is created from high grown, hard beans rich in body and flavor with low acidity.

Columbian Supremo Popayan:  This is a bold clean cup of coffee from the Popayan region with rich berry tones.

Breakfast Blend:   This signature blend is 100% Arabica beans with a medium roast.  It is harvested in Central America and roasted to sweet perfection. The rich aroma and soft, smooth taste has been known to miraculously create morning people.

Kenya Miricho:  This coffee is grown in the highlands of Kenya which provide a distinctive eye opening taste with winey under tones.

Sumatra:  This dark roasted Indonesian coffee combines a hint of chocolate with full body flavor.

CoffeeNet Espresso  
A carefully crafted 100% Arabica bean blend, specially roasted to create a soft, smooth taste.

The Costa Rican and Columbian are available in decaffeinated forms.  All coffees can be purchased in organic or free trade certified forms.


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