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HOT TIP: Brazilian superfood Açaí is now available online in Australia
by: Alexis Wilson

May 2005: Nu Fruits of the Amazon launched the açaí berry for sale direct to the Australian public online at from April 2005. Haven’t heard of açaí yet? You soon will!

Pronounced ‘ah-sigh-ee’, this dark berry has been a staple part of the Amazonian diet for centuries, and now after revolutionising the juice market in the United States açaí is set to be the next big little thing in Australia.

Açaí recently featured on Oprah in Australia when anti-ageing expert Dr Nicholas Perricone named the berry as the Number One Superfood to help you look younger and live longer. Since the broadcast, Nu Fruits of the Amazon has literally been inundated with calls from enthusiastic readers of Dr Perricone’s new book The Perricone Promise, all desperate for a direct source of açaí in Australia.

Nu Fruits of The Amazon’s Australian director, Barry Vaughan, has been overwhelmed but delighted by the public’s response to the berry. “We’ve been supplying açaí to a select group of suppliers including juice bars and health food chains but now the public is demanding açaí direct to their homes!,” said Barry. “We’ve put together an excellent system and we’re now ready to ship açaí in pulp form from the Amazon straight to your home be it in Sydney, Singleton or Subiaco!”

Why is açaí so amazing you might ask? Well aside from the taste which contains overtones of chocolate and cherry, açaí is a rich source of antioxidants, iron, calcium and vitamin E. Prices start at AUSD$1.50 per 100 grams (plus postage and handling) and can be delivered anywhere in Australia.

It’s easy to get your own personal source of this wonder berry! Just log on to click on the ‘Get Nu’ icon or email Barry Vaughan direct

Recipe ideas are also available at so log on and find out about ‘it’ berry, açaí.

About the author:

Alexis Wilson, is a Sydney based media consultant.

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